Time to Photograph the Christmas Tree!

Question of the season: How do I photograph my Christmas tree? Sure, anyone can take a picture of a Christmas tree, but everyone wants one that makes their Christmas tree have that extra special “Christmas Glow” that makes the tree seem like it is untouchable and indestructible.

You’ll need:

A Camera (preferably DSLR, but I’m sure you can manage with a point and shoot, find your users manual and read up on how to set your self timer)

Tripod (or a chair, a tall stack of books – some steady surface to put the camera on)

A fantastically decorated Christmas tree

Your smarts.

How to:

Set your ISO to 100 or 200

Use a small aperture – f/16 smaller

Turn off or dim the lights in the room

Set your camera up on the tripod/stack of books – the point of this is to prevent shake on your camera so the image is super sharp and crisp.

Shoot away! I suggest setting the self timer and stepping back. The shutter will be open for what will seem like forever since the aperture is so small in a dimly lit room – but it will be worth it, promise. This may require some trial and error on your ISO/aperture, but if you stick close to what is listed above you’ll be A-Okay

Let me know how it worked for you!

I’ll be in PA around lots of Christmas lights and my parents’ wonderfully decorated tree for the holiday – I’ll be sure to take some photos of my own and share :)

Happy holidays!!


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