June 30 Day Photo Challenge: days 4 & 5

Whoops, only on week 1 and I already missed a day.  So this is a double-whammy.


Day 4 (technically day 3, but I swapped their order): A Pop of Red

Krispy Kreme danger zone

Krispy Kreme is right next to my office… and is also the most tempting and dangerous place on Earth.  Especially on Fridays – the doughnuts smell especially delicious on Fridays. 


Day 5: Documented.

Office Time

I work as a paralegal full (photog part time) and this is my desk.  Don’t worry, you can’t see any of the super important information that I work on all day long ;) 


Tomorrow’s challenge: Sunset Reflection.  Let’s hope I’m fully inspired! :) 


Disclosure – images shared for this challenge are all iPhone photography.  Not my strong spot.  But it is a challenge after all ;)


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