Ratunil Wedding Teaser // NAS Pensacola // Mustin Officer’s Club // JPB Photography

This is an editing teaser from the Ratunil Nuptials that took place on September 7th.

These two had a stunning red, white and black set-up that gave the reception a very vintage feel.  The bride was stunning with her red rose hair accent, Victory Rolls, loose curls and red lips.  Stunner!!

This one is and edit that I just couldn’t decide how I like best.. thoughts??

R Bridal 1969_web

Pretty Presets “1969”

R Bridal filmNoir_web

Pretty Presets “Film Noir”

R Bridal_web



FYI – The Bride’s hair and makeup were done by wonderful Jillian Jensen: Makeup Artist & Hairstylist.  Check her out at her Facebook Page :)

PS – I may be doing all my teasers and sneak peeks this way considering Facebook’s new TOS allow them to use/sell any images posted without my consent (Crazy town!).


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