Goodell-Call Nuptials // Pensacola Beach, FL // Wedding Photography // JPB Photography by Jessica P. Banks



I had the pleasure of meeting Joanna & Zach on their wedding day at Pensacol

a Beach.  Both are currently serving in the US Navy and met at Boot Camp and the rest is history!  They have since moved off to their duty stations in Nevada.  Thank you to both of you for you commitment to our country, I appreciate all that you do!

They had a small and intimate wedding ceremony on the white sandy shores of Pensacola Beach over the Labor Day weekend with members from both families coming to town.

Here are a few from their special day:

Call08312013DCS_9486_PASS   Call08312013DCS_9497_PASS

Call08312013DCS_9586.matte_PASS First Kiss!  Call08312013DCS_9730.matte_PASS  Call08312013DCS_9749.matte_PASS  Call08312013DCS_9948a_web  Call08312013DCS_9836a_web  Call08312013DCS_0098_PASS 

Thank you to Joanna & Zach for having me along to capture your big day!  And, of course, thank you for your service to our country!!

I wish you all the happiness life can bring for all the years to come!


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