Mitts Family Session Sneak Peek // Family Photography // Paint Session // JPB Photography by Jessica P. Banks

I had the pleasure to meet Mr. & Mrs. a while back for a sunrise session on the beach, so it was wonderful to meet the whole family for this family session and it just so happened to be a paint session.

So, this was my first “paint” session.  I was all for it.  Mom did all the planning, I was just along for the ride ;)  When we first chatted about it I thought we were talking dry paint, but it was water based wet paint (which will wash away after some rain and right out of the clothes they had on).  She had the genius idea to put the paint in condiment bottles so her kiddos (ages 4 and 6) could squirt it.  Genius

Here is a little sneak peek into what went on (the lil one may have been distracted by everything except the task at hand – oh to be 4!):

Mitts Blog Sneak Peek - JPB Photography by Jessica P. Banks

I wish I could take credit for any aspect of the planning, but this was ALL mom.  We did a session a few weeks ago (she was my red dirt road/cotton field model) and this one was kind of last minute ;)

More to come, so keep your eye out and check back!


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