Katie & Austin Couples Session // Sunrise Session // Couples Photography // Pensacola Beach, Florida // JPB Photography by Jessica P. Banks

I met Katie & Austin at the snorkel reef at Pensacola Beach on a very chilly morning for a sunrise couples session.  She is a student and he is serving his country.  They found their way to the Gulf Coast from Michigan, which is quite a ways to travel.  They were troopers despite the abnormally chilly morning :)  Although there may have been a chill in the air, the sunrise was beautiful!  The sky was clear and crisp and the water was aqua blue.  All we could have asked for was about 10 more degrees on the thermostat!

Here is a look at their early morning session:

Sunrise Couples Session - Blog Post 1 Sunrise Couples Session - Blog Post 2 Sunrise Couples Session - Blog Post 3 Sunrise Couples Session - Blog Post 4 Thank you to Katie & Austin for being such great sports!!  I had an amazing time shooting with you guys, I hope you did too! :)



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