Week 8 – Hands // 2014 52 Week Photo Challenge // JPB Photography by Jessica P. Banks

Week 8 – Hands

As you guys know, I swapped “hands” earlier on so that I could figure out how I wanted to shoot it.  Well, I was practicing with the self timer and trying to work triggers to capture a great shot.

Well, I went just about as simple as I could go: cell phone photography.  Yes, that’s right.  I used my cell phone for this week’s challenge.

I also used my favorite thing: coffee.  So, you’ll see my lovely hands holding onto a cup of piping hot coffee.  Yummy!

Take a peek:

Week 8 - Hands - Blog Post Check back next week for “Animal” – this one will be interesting since I don’t have any pets (silly lease says they are a no-no). Maybe a trip to the pet store is in order… Or maybe you’ll see some squirrels or birds from my backyard.


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