Week 9 – Shoes // 2014 52 Week Photo Challenge // JPB Photography by Jessica P. Banks

Okay, okay.  Week 9 is Animals.  Well, as I mentioned in the last challenge post I don’t have any.

And I didn’t have time to go hunting some down. And it rained.  (did you just read all my rationalizations/excuses as to why I’m not following the challenge order?!?)

Soooo I skipped ahead to something that I have at home all the time: SHOES!  Yep, shoes.  I shot the shoes with some continuous lighting in my living room.  I hope you like them.  :)

Take a look at my 52 week photo challenge week 9 images:

Blog Post - Week 9 Shoes - 52 Week Challenge

Notice the funny lighting in photo 2??  I bought a prism recently and haven’t had a good chance to try it out, so I used this challenge to “practice” with it.  I’m sure you’ll see it again – hopefully outdoors with some really cool rainbow-y prism effects :)

Don’t forget to check back next Friday for Week 10 of the photo challenge!


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