Mitts Family Session // Paint Splash // Christmas Session // Pensacola Beach, FL // JPB Photography by Jessica P. Banks

I have had the pleasure of working with Faith and her husband James in the past (Faith on more than 1 occasion), but this time was very different: it was a complete family session.  And there was paint involved!  Faith wanted some pictures for the holidays (yes, I know this post is more than overdue!) so we decided a date and location.

Then she wanted to turn it into a paint splash session.  I was all for it!  I had not done a paint splash session before and was excited at the idea.  In all honesty, I thought she was talking about throwing dry paint, but her idea was much cooler!  She put water soluble paint into condiment bottles and they squirted red and green paint all over white t-shirts.

I loved every second of it.  Here is a look into our session together:

Mitts Family Session Blog Post 2 Mitts Family Session Blog Post 3 Mitts Family Session Blog Post 4

Next time, I’ll make sure to request full shoes – there were little pickers all over that kept getting stuck on the boys! Lesson learned.  Other than that, I think the boys had a great time!  I know I did :)

Thank you to the Mitts family for a photo session first and a lot of laughs!



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