Week 10 – Technology // 2014 52 Week Photo Challenge // JPB Photography by Jessica P. Banks

2014 52 Week Photo Challenge

Week 10 – Technology

This week stumped me.  Well, okay, maybe that is a lie.  This week I was crazy busy and almost forgot to put my post together.  Truth.

Partial truth.  So I was crazy excited, not necessarily crazy busy.  So… I shoot my weekly challenges the weekend before (at least try) and put the post together at some point dying the week.  Then I scheduled it to post on Friday morning.  Well, this weekend I was in a daze and was so overflowing with happiness that I could burst, so I forgot to do some stuff.  One thing being shooting this week’s challenge.

So, here is my super boring take on Week 10 -Technology.  I shot and edited these on my phone.  Talk about lazy.  BUT at least I stuck to it! :)

So, here is my Week 10 post:

Blog Post - Week 10 Technology - 52 Week ChallengeDon’t forget to check back next week for Week 11 – Green! :)


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