Sheaffer Father & Son Session // Pensacola, FL // JPB Photography by Jessica P. Banks

I had the opportunity to meet Dave weeks before this session when we did a couples session with his wife Michelle.  At the same time, we also did a family session that included Michelle’s children and grandchildren.  When Dave’s son came to town for the holidays he approached me to capture some time with him and his son, Noah.

They were so easy going, laid back and fun to work with!  The session was a breeze, we moved right along and it felt like it only took 10 minutes :)

Noah will be graduating from high school this year, to him I wish all the best of luck in whatever life may bring his way!  In the meantime, I hope he stays warm!  The northeast and mid-atlantic sure have gotten more than their share of snow and storms this winter!

Anyway… here is a look at the Shaeffer’s father & son session:

BlogPost1 BlogPost2 BlogPost3 BlogPost_Noah

Thanks for the opportunity guys!  It was great working with you! :)


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