What to Wear

Trust me, this is a very popular question!! Don’t be afraid to ask for suggestions, but before you do take a quick look below at some tips…



I created a Pinterest board to help relay some color combinations :)  I try to update it, but sometimes just go on binges and update it a ton all at once ;)


My Suggestions: 

  • Avoid crazy patterns and prints. 
    • If you choose a pattern or print pick only one and coordinate outfits for other folks attending the session off of the one pattern.
  • 3 color rule
    • Try to stay away from having your entire photo party wear the same color (black, white, etc).  Instead pick 3 colors that coordinate with the one pattern that you picked.  An accent color always pops when used as an accessory (scarf, hat, etc). 
  • Layer!!!  This helps add variety and change the mood/feel of the images.  You can never go wrong with a jacket or sweater swap mid session.
  • Bring supplies for make-up touch-ups — lipstick, blush, etc.  Don’t forget hair spray or a hair accessory, you never know when you’ll need them or when the wind will decide to play games. 
  • Steer clear of large logos.  They are distracting.  Enough said.
  • Shoes and socks should match your outfit.  More importantly, socks should match your pants.
    • Black pant = black socks; grey pants = grey socks; khaki pants = tan socks.  We want to try to avoid a session full of images with light socks sticking out of dark pants!  ;)
  • Guys – unless you’re into rocking a 5 o’clock shadow (which I know people are, I’m not judging!), try to shave an hour or so before the shoot for a fresh face.
  • Make sure your clothing is wrinkle free.
    • Try wearing an alternate shirt/outfit for the drive to the location and then doing a quick change on location; this helps prevent wrinkles from the ride.  This also helps keeping the kiddos mess free :)
  • Classic colors and outfits always flatter and work well — they are classic for a reason!

Most Important:

  • Be comfortable!
  • Be yourself!!  After all, the session is about capturing you.


Still need suggestions?  Check out this post. This is a great post by Rachel Williams, a Tulsa photographer.  She breaks it down and starts with bottoms and shoes and works her way on up.  Pretty genius.  


Feel free to email me with more questions!!


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